** Update: Friday, February 6 **
I've been sick all week with a nasty flu
so no new snaps this week... sorry!

week 100 of these weekly snapshots...

seems like a perfect time to go bowling.... it combines food, drink and exercise... so this week you get a look at bowlmore lanes on university near union square. two floors (you're greeted by an elevator guy), two bars, a full menu, and a scene, if you're looking for it. definitely too "hip" in that fabricated kind of way, but hey, it's still all there to enjoy.... i'd be happy to post it if anyone can sum this place up more eloquently... anyway, i re-arranged the past snaps to separate san francisco from nyc... take a peek...

not your average bowling alley bar...

i forgot to get a shot in the bathroom
(for those who follow the bathroom shots),
so i'm including one taken later that night
up the street at the coffee shop...

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