suburban utopia?...

treasure island was "built" by the works progress administration (wpa) in the thirties to host the golden gate international exposition (and to help support the s.f.-oakland bay bridge also built in the 30s). it was an expansion of yerba buena island (then called goat island) and was built from dirt dredged up from the bay. some say its called "treasure" island because of all the gold-laden fill dirt that washed down to the bay from the sierra... others say its to commemorate all the ships that sunk in the bay during the gold rush... it was recently announced that apartments on historic treasure island would be rented to the public... it's a pretty amazing place... to me if looks like 60s suburbia with painted houses, lawns, b-b-q pits and bowling alleys... felt pretty nostalgic (maybe its a symptom of growing up in semi-suburbia with divorced parents... who knows). anyway, here's my view of treasure island... (oh yeah, i couldn't help shooting it in color...)

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