ya know what?
taking the bus can be fun...

following are a few snap shots of the new F-line trolley cars now in service on market street in san francisco (as well as a more "common" look at public transportation in san francisco at the bottom...) click on the gif images if you want larger jpegs. the streetcars are heldover from the 20's and 30's when the Electric Railway Presidents' Conference Committee designed a new and improved fleet of cars to help reverse the decline in transit use that begun in the 1920s.

that's swell and all, but they're also cool.

cool looking and cool sounding. the lights even fade out when you pass over certain seams in the tracks. all part of the new found nostalgia i suppose.

i am a devoted b&w girl,
but i really should have shot these in color.
each one is different, and they're beautiful.
this train, number 1063, is painted in the
Baltimore colors: yellow & gray
(each train is dedicated to a different city)

pretty zippy... like a speeding bullet...

inside the lights and small windows remind me
more of a deco supper club
than my daily commute to work...

now here's a touch of reality...
my daily commute to work...
we all squeeze in every morning and every night...
not very glamorous, is it?

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