going back to
union square...?
so soon?

yeah, this week to visit the gold dust lounge. a bit of a tourist spot butit has its regulars too, the people are very friendly, they have live dixieland music every night, and you can get a glass of champagne for $2.50. built sometime before the 1906 fire, it was closed during prohibition but re-opened in 1933. mgm studios remodeled the bar in 1957, with a decor harking back to the "gay 90s". jackie gleason used to hang out here; part of the birds and bullet were filmed here; the bar itself is 160 years old; and herb caen writes about it 2 to 3 times a year. a friend said they even pass out kazoos sometimes so you can play along with the band. cool, i guess.

just off union square...

the entrance of the ladies rest room
to give you a hint of the decor...

old bar, cool stools...

window seats for tourists and regulars alike...
(about 50/50 tourists and regulars)

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