welcome to snapshots of san francisco where every friday you get a new black and white tour of something special in san francisco: a corner bar, a local diner, an historic movie theater or even just a neighborhood laundromat... places you wouldn't find in your average travel guide... (it is not, however, intended as a tour guide... it is as much to share the city i see with other locals as it is to share our city with the rest of you out there...) BUT this week we have a holiday so i'm skippin' town for a few days... instead of leaving you in the lurch, i choose to highlight five images from the first 20 weeks (we're on week 47 now)... just click for that week's full spread. cheers, emilie.
Red's Java House

week one:

red's java house
Al's Cafe

week eighteen:

al's cafe
Park Bowl

week nineteen:

park bowl (now closed...)
Tosca Cafe

week three:

tosca cafe
Brainwash Cafe

week twenty:


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