oh no! a re-run!
welcome to snapshots of san francisco where normally, every friday you get a new black and white tour of something special in san francisco: a corner bar, a local diner, an historic movie theater or even just a neighborhood laundromat... BUT this week it's like a re-run, but better, as we take a look back at some of the people and places we've covered in the past. i did this once before focusing on the first 20 weeks... so this week we're revisiting 5 samples from weeks 21-40... click on any image for the full spread from that week... enjoy, emilie.
bimbo's 365 club

week twenty-nine:

bimbo's 365 club
roof poker

week thirty-six:

the homefront
high life

week twenty-seven:

500 club
continental club

week twenty-two:

continental club... in texas?
golden gate park playground

week thirty-two:

playground at golden gate park

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