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s.f. just ain't the same...

san francisco is changing pretty fast. everyone's heard about the dotcom invasion, sky-high rents, loss of artists space, etc. but it's also changed in ways that are harder to describe. it's probably a direct result of these other changes, but good things are disappearing. for me, some of those good things are people. it used to be that people were always talking about moving to s.f., now everyone's talking about leaving... including some of my dearest friends. as an interim until the next snapcity (coming soon), below are a few of the places i shot for snapcity over the past several years that are no longer... rollover an image to see what it looks like now... click to see that past snapcity...


Park Bowl

week nineteen:

park bowl: gone

week thirty seven:
the embers: gone

week thirteen:
coconut grove: gone

forty eight:
alfred's: moved

week seven:
clown alley:
closed - reopened

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